IBR Construction Company – ایستا بنای راسخ

IBR Construction Company

IBR Construction Company   Tehran, Iran


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Consultancy, Design, and Construction of Industrial Sites (Factories)

  • Development, Reconstruction, and Strengthening of Industrial Sites
  • Landscape Architecture


Common and Peculiar Concrete Works

  • Common and peculiar concrete constructions
  • Exposed concrete arched (barrel) ceiling
  • Entrance for organizations
  • Pre-built exposed concrete structures
  • Mosque domes and roofix ceilings
  • Concrete reservoirs, pool, and waterproofing
  • Paving and epoxy flooring
  • Framework, and design and manufacturing of peculiar moulds
  • Strengthening and reconstruction of concrete structures
  • Self-consolidating concrete (SCC)




Steel Structure (Manufacturing and Installment)

  • Manufacturing and installment of welded steel structures
  • Manufacturing and installment of bolt-and-nut steel constructions
  • (Composite) Reinforced Concrete Structures (RCS)
  • Concrete-filled steel tubes (CFTs)




Construction Materials Supply and Metal Deck Ceiling

  • Supplying the construction materials including steel sheets, studs, rebars, and concrete
  • IBR is equipped with a sheet forming workshop
  • IBR is equipped with stud welding and plasma machines
  • IBR is equipped with laser levels



Other Services

  • Research and technical unit with experienced engineers
  • Consultancy for employers before and during the project
  • Survey (with the most up-to-date surveying equipment)
  • Project control
  • Material tests
  • Consultancy and guidance for employers regarding investment in construction projects
  • Operational and contract management of projects
  • Residential, commercial and office building projects


Add: No. 4A, 13th floor, Zeytoun Tower, Shahidan Boulevard, Azadi Street, Tehran, Iran

Postal code: 1343641698

Tel: +982166073994-5

Fax: +982189776376

Email: info@ibr-co.ir

Download Resume/Catalog (Click here)