Company activities in English – ایستا بنای راسخ

Company activities in English

Dear Madame or Sir/Board of directors/Managing Council,

Ista Banaye Rasekh (IBR), is an experienced construction company in management, design, and operation of construction projects. We are proudly ready to offer partnership in different projects.

IBR field of experience is in constructing, developing, and reconstructing industrial, office building, residential, commercial, and deck steel ceiling projects IBR has notable certificates, contract certification, ISO licenses, and Chamber of Commerce’s Certificate, to name a few.

We, as an experienced construction company, strive hard to stand up to the expectations of other companies, and if you choose us, we will surely give you the best.

A catalog introducing the company and its services is attached.


Mohammadreza Ahmadi

CEO, Ista Banaye Rasekh



Company activities in English

IBR Construction Company

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